A Babymoon in Paris

Since Jackson and I were moving home from Germany in February, we realized all of the places we wanted to see while living in Europe were going to have to go on the backburner for a while. Granted, getting a baby in return is totally worth the trade, but we were bummed that we didn’t get to see as many places as anticipated.

We decided that we could at least explore one fun city and then head back to Texas directly from there, and it was an easy decision that the city would be Paris. I’ve been before but Jackson hadn’t and we were excited to explore a new city together. And babymoons are a thing now, so why not call this ours?

Babymoon in Paris

We took a 4 hour train from Frankfurt to Paris. You should know that our luggage broke a few days before, so everywhere that we are lugging our 50 pound bags, Jackson is dragging the suitcase that has a broken wheel. It was a disaster, but we managed to make it to the train station in Frankfurt with help from some friends. Getting from the train station in Paris to our Airbnb was a different story. We had two 50 pound bags, my camera backpack and a backpacking backpack that weighed 25 pounds. Also, it’s worth noting that we only encountered ONE escalator in the Paris subways, so poor Jackson is carrying these bags up and down SO many flights of stairs and saying all KINDS of stuff under his breath. Meanwhile, I was doing everything I could not to let him see me laughing because I had no desire to encounter the wrath of a sweaty and tired and hungry Jackson, who is saying words I have never heard come out of his mouth.

We finally made it to the Airbnb and it was the cutest little studio apartment. I’m such an Airbnb fan. It’s so much cheaper than hotels and you get a kitchen and more space and we’ve just always had great experiences.


Paris Babymoon

We got our bags to the Airbnb and then decided to head into the city. We jumped on a subway and got off right in the heart of the city, grabbed a Nutella crepe and hot chocolate and roamed around for the rest of the evening. Paris is great because so many of the “have to see” sights are all so close to each other. We knew that traveling in Europe in February was going to be cold but that first was so SO cold and rainy. The number of hot chocolates that we consumed was ridiculous. Also, naturally we took ALL the selfies. 



That night, we grabbed a crepe for dinner, bought some oreos and milk and headed back to the apartment at 8 pm. Non-pregnant me would have never been down for such an early night (and SUCH an American snack) in a city like Paris, but pregnant me couldn’t think of a better way to spend the evening.

The next day we did a hop-on-hop-off tour bus, which was surprisingly great. I’m not usually a fan of these, I like to see the city the “local” way, but nothing sounded better to pregnant me than seeing sights without having to walk on my achy feet. Because of the rain, there was hardly anyone else that wanted to be on a half-uncovered 2 story bus so we had the entire thing to ourselves.  My feet were so happy with me.

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We spent the last two days leisurely seeing the city, taking lots of breaks at cool coffee shops and creperies. We took so many breaks and Jackson was so patient through all of our coffee shop stops. The ridiculous amount of yummy pastries we consumed at each one definitely aided in his patience, I think.

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We also went to Louvre to see Mona, and got to use our German residence permits to get in free and save 12 euro. We were pretty proud of that.

Babymoon in Paris

We definitely didn’t go as hard as we would have in the past, but it was perfect. We went to bed before 10 every night and woke up without alarms. We ate tons of pastries and drank a lot of hot chocolate. We roamed around smaller, lesser known areas of the city and got addressed in French enough times that we felt pretty good about ourselves and our ability to be mistaken for Europeans. Maybe all that time in Germany paid off. 

It was a sweet time for us to explore one last European city before we are a family of 3! We also made our first purchase for sweet baby bailey at a cute little baby store and that made things feel so real. Overall, it was the perfect end to a crazy and sweet season.

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I fell off my bike


You guys, this is not a joke. I didn’t only fall off my bike, I fell off my bike in the middle of the street and it was a total wipe out.


Let me start from the beginning.


A couple weeks ago, Jackson and I decided we should get bikes. The city of Frankfurt isn’t actually that big and we realized it would be nice to be able to just hop on and off a bike instead of always having to depend on public transportation.


So we mosied down to the local flea market one Saturday and left with a certifiable “flea market bike”. It was 30 euro, so you can imagine the quality of bike we’re working with here. A friend of ours is in the States right now so we decided to only buy one bike while I’m using our friends’ bike. Also, we found out after buying the bike that a lot of the flea market bikes have been stolen, so now I think of the poor guys who’s bike was stolen every time we use it.


Learning how to ride your bike in the city is a whole other kind of chaos. When do you ride on the street? When do you ride on the sidewalk? How much do Germans want to kill me when I ring my bell at them?


It’s been a learning process for sure. But anyways, back to the fateful night of the fall.


We were leaving a friend’s house around 10 pm and were riding our bikes back home. We were almost back to our apartment when Jackson zooms by me on his janky and absurdly loud flea market bike. Well, if you know me at all, then you know I just don’t take being zoomed by very lightly. So what do I do? Speed up of course, I love my husband but I don’t go down without a fight. I finally catch up to Yack and he pulls over to say something to me, but who does he think I am to fall for that old trick? Oh no, I am winning this race. I zoom by him, while sticking out my tongue of course, feeling on top of the world. I’m about to beat this sucker, I mean husband. I look down at the road because there are tram rails all over the streets here and it freaks me out that my tire could get stuck in the rail. As I look down, the unthinkable happens. I hit the rail at the wrong angle and my tire stops. We all learned in 5th grade that an object in motion stays in motion, right? Well that night, the object was my body and the motion was forward.


I flew off my bike, you guys. Flew. I swear I can remember my time in the air.


All of a sudden, my motion is met with gravity and I nailed the ground. The bike is a solid 4 feet behind me and I’m on the ground. It must have been loud, because a couple guys ran across the street to see if I was ok.

My jeans are ripped and all 10 people at the bus stop directly in front of me are staring with their mouths open.

I’m fine though. Just a little gnarly (what? I don’t think I’ve ever used that word) road rash on my knee and a few bruises in random parts of my body.

Jackson and I walked slowly and steadily home, me limping and him trying to hard not to laugh.


We made it to the door, and I grabbed the handle, looked at hime and said, “I win”.