Confessions of a fiance: I’m getting married in 4 weeks and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth

So here’s the deal.

I’m getting married in 32 days. I mean WE’RE getting married in 32 days.

(We’re working on referring to our lives as WE, but sometimes I forget)

Throughout the past couple of years, every time I’ve seen a “one month until our wedding day” post on social media I’ve always wondered what it must feel like. So I’ve decided to tell you exactly what it feels like for the next 4 weeks leading up to the wedding.

And right now it feels really scary. It feels exciting. It feels overwhelming and weird and funny.

Scary because marriage means someone sees all of the embarrassing and weird and awful things you do when you’re not used to someone else being around all the time to see. Exciting because I’m marrying my best friend after 5 long years of dating. Overwhelming because I can’t keep my room clean but I’m supposed to be a wife? Weird because I’ll be living with a boy. Funny because all of those things combined means I’m going to be doing embarrassing things with my boy roommate /husband/best friend who I love, while he get to witness how bad I am at cleaning and then he’ll find out that sometimes I forget to brush my teeth, whoops.

Well now that we’ve gotten that cleared up, you must be wondering how wedding planning is going. I knew you were wondering that because I probably get asked this question 5 times a week.

Well, it’s mostly done, besides the little details…who am I kidding, the little details are the most stressful part to me. I’m just not a “details” girl, ya know? Tell me to make some big picture event happen and I’m all over that, but ask me about flowers and I want to hide in my room. There are so many details regarding weddings, it’s just absurd.

Here’s a peek into my brain:

What flowers do we want: Um, the pretty ones? The pretty small ones that are our colors, I guess. The cheapest pretty ones that are my colors.

What shoes for the bridesmaids: The heck if I know, I rotate between like 4 pairs of shoes for every occasion. I’ll letcha know when we have one. I’ve pretty much put this off as long as I can I guess.

Do we want seating arrangements: Laughing while I’m typing trying to imagine me arranging people. I can hardly keep my own stuff together right now; the last thing I need to be responsible for is arranging people at my wedding. So, no thank you. We’ll skip on that one.

Wedding rings: Well, this week we realized that we haven’t put 2 thoughts towards getting them. So, I’ll keep you updated on this one. Hopefully this week we can go see some or something? I don’t know.

Speaking of this week, I’ll tell you what this week has looked like for us.

Most of our free time this week/weekend has been taken up by preparing for Jackson to move into our new little rental house. If you’re wondering about our house I can tell you with confidence that it’s definitely not lacking in character. It may be lacking in other things, like clean floors or fully sealed “window units” (that actually got placed into the walls rather than the windows??? I don’t know the logic there). And there could be a minor problem with some weird unknown bug which seems to never go away no matter how many that we kill, but the place has character and it’s ours and we love it. Here’s a cheesy picture of us in front if it:



So that’s pretty much it, now you kind of know what it feels like to be four (!!!!!!) weeks away from the big day. If you have any friends that are nearing their wedding, give them a big ‘ol hug or maybe just some chocolate or something. In all, being engaged has been a sweet sweet time and we have enjoyed a lot of aspects of wedding planning and calling each other fiancés. After a year of engagement, though, we are excited (and probably still really unprepared) to be married folk, and we’re ready to give it a go.


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