I’m 23. Married to my best friend and living in Germany. I love photography, writing, cozy socks, and Jesus. My husband, Jackson, and I graduated from Texas Tech last year. We moved to Germany in July to teach English. We chose Germany because it rocks and also because of the refugee crises. We wanted to be able to help, and so it made sense to come here.

[[ Just a heads up- Jackson will be referred to often as “Yack”. I have absolutely no recollection of when I started calling him that, but it started at some point and it stuck and he will forever be Yack to me. ]]

Yack and I started dating when we were 17 years old. It took him forever to ask me out but he finally did, and that’s what matters. We dated our senior year of high school. Then we broke up the day before classes started at Tech our freshman year. Weren’t expecting that were ya? Well, don’t worry, we clearly got our stuff together and were dating again in March of that year. We dated for almost 5 long years and finally got married on a rainy and perfect day in late May.

We moved to Germany in July and it’s been as chaotic as you can imagine it is to move to a new country, but it’s also a stinking blast. This is where I say something cheesy, like “we’re learning so much about ourselves”, and that would be true. But for however much we’re learning about ourselves, we’re learning so much more about each other and about Jesus. That makes marriage hard and good, but isn’t it always some kind of mix of hard and good?

I started this blog two years ago, when I was 21 and we were engaged. My life was chaotic and I didn’t have the time or energy to maintain this page. Now that we’re here, it would be dumb not to let people laugh at our ridiculous stories of living abroad and share the insight we have, so I’m back! I said it the first go round and I’ll say it again, if my grammar sucks, I’m sorry in advance, that’s nothing new. Also, I am the actual world’s worst speller, so if my computer doesn’t catch a word spelled incorrectly, you can bet I won’t either. I intend for this site to be a little bit about living abroad, a little bit about travel, a little bit about my photography and a little bit about the random personal thoughts I have that I manage to type in a blog post. So if you’re interested in travel, living abroad, Jesus, laughing at us trying to figure out how to marriage or photography there’s a chance you’ll get a kick out of this page.

Also, find me on Insta at @reaghenbailey

So welcome, friends, it’s nice to have you here



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