because what is motherhood if not a beautiful struggle?


Our life is chaos over here. I’m talking every bodily fluid you can imagine paired with toddler tantrums and baby teething.

Sound enticing? Click here to join me in the chaos and read about our absurd life.


We more than love to travel. We thrive on it. We embrace the crazy and dive in.

We lived in Germany for a short stent and take every opportunity we have to see new places. Read about some of our favorites, here!


We’re just a coupla’ high school sweet hearts turned mom and dad. We’ve grown up together in so many ways and still have a lot of growing to go, I think.

We also *literally* couldn’t be more different. Which makes life fun and frustrating but we’re open books and always down to share the goo d and the hard. All about keeping it real over here!

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